User Guide: Any Video Converter

Speed Change: How to Adjust the Playback Speed of the Video with Any Video Converter

The following is the tutorial on how to adjust the playback speed of the video file, speed it up or slow it down by using Any Video Converter. It is used to make slow motion or fast playback videos, and adjust the rhythm and duration of the video.

Step 1

Open Any Video Converter

Run the Any Video Converter program, and you can see "Speed Change" option on the main interface.

main interface
Step 2

Open Video

Click the "Speed Change" button. And then choose the video file you want to edit the speed.

add video
Step 3

Change Speed

Adjust the video speed in the "Output Options". And click "Start" button.

Start Burning

When the processing finishes, switch to the "History" panel to view the output file.