User Guide: Any Video Converter

Add Subtitle: How to Add Subtitle to Video with Any Video Converter

The following is the tutorial on how to add subtitles to video with Any Video Converter. This function assists users in generating multilingual subtitles, annotations, or translations, thereby enhancing the comprehensibility and accessibility of their videos.

Step 1

Open Any Video Converter

Run the Any Video Converter program, and you can see "Add Subtitles" option on the main interface.

main interface
Step 2

Open Video

Click the "Add Subtitles" button. And then choose the video file you want to edit.

add video
Step 3

Add Subtitles to Video

In the area of "Subtitle File", click to add a subtitle file from your computer. Then set the output options.

Add Subtitles to Video
Step 4

Start Adding Subtitles

Click the "Start" button to begin adding subtitles.

Start adding subtitles
Step 5

View Output File

When it finishes, the output file will be listed in the "History" panel automatically. You can open the folder to view the video which has been added subtitles.

check output file