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5 Best AI Nude Generators to Create Fake Nudes

The AI nude generator has gained significant attention in recent years due to its ability to generate nude-like images without actually removing the clothing. This has sparked debates across multiple fronts, including concerns about privacy and ethics, as well as its potential applications in various industries. In this comprehensive blog post, we will present the top 5 AI nude generators and also discuss the ethical considerations that this technology raises.

ai nude generator

problemPart 1: 5 Best AI Nude Generators

1. Candy AI (Best for Generating Virtual Companion)

Candy AI is a platform that lets people create digital partners, or virtual companions using AI technology. It's designed for users who want companionship and offers personalized conversations and interactions. You can change how your virtual girlfriend looks and acts, making her fit your preferences. With Candy, you can chat with different characters and ask them to send you AI-generated nude pictures, but this is a premium plan feature. It's mainly for people looking for emotional connection or interested in AI interaction.

candy ai

Key Features:

A rich selection of characters such as waitresses, models, or law-school students.

Real figure or anime-style options available.

Support generating AI nude based on a prompt.

Customize your companion’s voice, mood, and interest.


The conversation is not real-time.

Pricing Plan: $12.99/month or $69.99/year, with access to unlimited text messages and 100 AI art tokens a month.

2. Promptchan AI (Best for Porn Video Generation)

Promptchan AI is an advanced AI girl image generator that specializes in creating Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content, including anime and realistic images. It offers users the ability to create uncensored AI-generated images and art by entering descriptive text or prompts. This tool is accessible through various platforms, including its website and mobile applications available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

promptchan ai

Key Features:

Support AI porn video generation.

AI creation in different styles ranging from photorealistic to anime and hentai.

The Pose feature lets you pose your character as you want.

Image editing with text prompt.


Potential for addiction.

Pricing Plan:

Plus Plan Premium Plan Pro Plan
$5.99/month  $9.50/month  $13.50/month 
300 NSFW art generations 300 NSFW art generations Unlimited Casual Generations + 1500 NSFW art generations
Access to advanced features  Access to advanced features  Access to all features 

3. (Best for Undressing Uploaded Images) is a nude generator that can quickly remove the clothes off any uploaded image and turn them into sensual, deepnude AI images. The platform has a simple interface and requires no expertise. Simply paint over the clothes, select age and body type, and you can get a deepnude in a few seconds.

undress app

Key Features:

Easy-to-use interface.

Generate nude pictures based on age and body type.

Multiple predefined dresses from bikini to wedding.

Protect your data safety and privacy.


Do not support generating AI nudes from text prompts.

Pricing Plan:

No Plan Basic Plan Standard Plan Pro Plan
Try for free  $10.99/month  $23.99/month  $48.99/month 
Medium quality Medium quality Excellent quality Excellent quality
/ Body traits Body traits Body traits
/ Faster queue Faster generations No queue
/ / No queue No watermark
/ / / Undress mode

4. AI Art Generator NSFW (Best for Generating Adult-themed Art)

AI Art Generator NSFW is designed for adults to make adult-themed art using AI. It lets users create pictures that are not safe for work (NSFW) by typing what they want to see. The site promises to keep user information private and offers different styles, like anime or realistic images. Users must be old enough (as per their country's laws) to use it and agree to the site's rules. The pictures made by the AI aren't real people but are generated based on what the user asks for.

art generator nsfw

Key Features:

Offers a user-friendly interface.

Diverse styles from anime to realistic characters.

Explicit poses for an immersive experience.

Fast and reliable AI creation.


Does not offer a free trial.

Pricing Plan:

Basic Plan  Premium Plan 
$9.99/month  $67.99/year
120 Art Generations per month 990 Art Generations per month
Access to all styles  Access to all styles and poses  
Standard resolution  High resolution 

5. DeepSwap

DeepSwap is a website that uses AI to switch faces in videos, pictures, and GIFs. It's pretty good at making the swaps look real and can be used for fun stuff like turning yourself into a famous movie character or changing appearances in a photo. DeepSwap has an NSFW AI girl generator that allows users to create both realistic and anime-style female characters using just text descriptions.


Key Features:

Swap faces with movie roles for endless fun.

AI-powered refacing technology for a flawless face.

Create trending memes and GIFs.

Instant background removal.

With a photo enhancer to improve your photo quality automatically.


Primarily designed for face swap.

Pricing Plan: $9.99/month or $49.99/year with access to additional features and benefits such as unlimited photo uploads, no watermarks, a pro model, and more.

problemPart 2: Is It Legal to Use an AI Nude Generator?

Using AI to generate nude images can be legally risky, depending on where you are and how you use it for the following reasons:

Consent Matters: Making or sharing fake nude pictures of someone without their okay is illegal in many places.

Privacy Laws: You could get in trouble for invading someone's privacy if you use their image without permission.

Rules on Adult Content: Different places have different laws on what kind of adult content is allowed. AI-generated nudes might not be legal everywhere.

Children's Safety: Creating or sharing explicit images of minors, even with AI, is a serious crime everywhere.

Laws are Changing: The rules about digital content and AI are still being updated, so what's okay today might not be okay tomorrow.

It's best to be very careful and probably avoid using AI in this way to stay out of legal trouble.

problemPart 3: Best AI-based Software to Edit Nude Pictures

If you are not satisfied with the generated image quality or want to make more edits to the image, you can use AVCLabs PhotoPro AI - an AI-powered video editor to streamline your workflow. This dynamic software offers an extensive range of capabilities such as AI replacement, denoising, deblurring, sharpening, upscaling, object removal, background cutout and customization, colorization, stylization, and color adjustment.

AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

  • Swap objects in the image easily with a prompt.
  • Enlarge photo size by up to 4x without quality loss.
  • Cut out and customize photo backgrounds easily.
  • Restore blurry human faces with clear details.
  • Remove unwanted objects flawlessly in one click.
  • Add vibrant colors to black-and-white photos.
  • Intuitive selection tools to assist partial editing.
photopro ai


AI tools for creating nude images work by using deep learning algorithms. You just need to type in what you want or upload a picture, and these tools quickly make the nude pictures you're looking for. Start creating great-looking nude pictures with the list of the best 5 AI nude generators.

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