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This document briefly introduces main steps to use Any DVD Converter for 3GP Phone to convert directly your favorite DVD to MPEG-4 file format with excellent image and sound quality playable on your 3GP cellular phones.


Any DVD Converter for 3GP Phone is professional yet easy-to-use video converter software for cellular phone. It can rip DVD to cell playable video MPEG4 files. This super DVD ripper can convert DVD movie to MP4 format and play it on mobile phone with great quality, super fast conversion speed. Converting DVD movies to your mobile phone is easier and faster than ever before: just a few clicks are enough.


Main Screen of Any DVD Converter for 3GP Phone




The main screen of Any DVD Converter for 3GP Phone is organized into four panels except the tool bar.


(1)The Upper Left Panel: display the detailed information about the DVD folder, including name, duration time, etc.


(2)The Bottom Left Panel: set related parameters here, such as Profile, Zoom Factor and Preview.


(3)The Upper Right Panel: preview the DVD file you have selected and ripped.


(4)The Bottom Right Panel: display the general options of output file, including duration time, video options and audio options.


Tool Bar


Open DVD Folder: click here, you can open the DVD folders on your computer, and the detailed information will be displayed in the upper left panel.


Open IFO File: open the IFO (DVD Info File) file in your computer.


Tips: An info file associated with a .VRO video file. The .VRO file contains the video stream and the .IFO file contains various scene and timing information. This is different form a .VOB file where that information is included in the file. Several manufacturers use .VRO/.IFO files. The file VIDEO_TS.IFO consists of control and playback information for the entire DVD. VIDEO_TS.IFO is known as VMGI (The Video Manager Information file). This file is required to be present on a DVD-compliant disc.


Start Encode: to start encoding your DVD file to MPEG-4 format


Stop Encode: to stop the encoding process


The conversion can be finished in three easy steps:


Step One: Open the DVD files and organize your video clips


(1) After running the program, firstly, to open a DVD file or a disk, please click the “Open DVD Folder” button in the tool bar or choose “Open DVD Disk/Folder” in the “File” menu, and then select your DVD drive in the pop-up window and press the “Ok” button, and then all the file folders on your DVD will be listed in the upper left panel.


(2) You can choose either any chapters or the entire file as you like to convert. If you would like to convert the whole file, just check all the files included in the DVD file folder; but if you just want to convert certain chapters, please check the option “Show Chapters” in the bottom left panel, and then all the chapters in the file folder will be listed in the upper left panel. You can simply check those chapters you want to convert. You may also make a preview of your selected chapter in the upper right “Preview Window” panel.


Step Two: Set options of the output file


(1) Set output format


In “Profile” drop down list box, you can select the output file format. It is allowable for you to set different output formats according to different files.


Tips: Several specific profiles of popular 3GP cellular phones are provided, such as Sony Ericsson and Nokia, and you can select a corresponding profile according to your cellular phone and encode the DVD file directly.


(2) Set conversion mode


After you select certain output format, the general standards will be shown in the bottom right panel. More options are provided in the pop-up window, which will pop up after you choose “Options” in the “View” menu. You can reset certain settings, such as “Video/Audio Bit Rate”, “Audio Volume”, etc. Certainly, you can also keep all the options unchanged.


Tips: You may set the “Bit Rate” by choosing the rate provided, such as 512, 768. Generally, the higher bit rate you choose the better picture you can get. Moreover, different 3GP phones have different requirement for input video and audio files in terms of file format, file bit/frame rate, etc. So you’d better read the product instruction carefully and set the parameters according to specific requirements of your 3GP phone.


Step Three: Start Conversion


Now, it’s time to convert your selected file or chapters. Click the “Start Encode” button, and the DVD file or certain chapters you want to convert will be directly encoded to MP4 format. You may also choose to stop encoding during the encoding process. You need to overwrite the already-encoding file and re-encode, if you want to encode the file again.


Tips: the converted file will be saved in the output folder. The default path is “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Any DVD Converter for 3GP Phone”. You can also browse all the file folders on your hard drivers and decide where you would like to save the output file.


Finally, you can transfer the MPEG-4 file to your 3GP phone and enjoy your favorite DVD with your families and friends anytime.

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