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This page introduce the supportable formats of PSP, including PSP game supportable formats, PSP video supportable formats, PSP music supportable formats, PSP photo supportable formats, PSP Firmware Compatibility. Get to know these PSP knowledge, you will know which kind of files can be loaded to PSP and get the full use of your PSP device.

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PSP supported formats


  1. UMD

Not counting homebrew games, the PSP currently only plays games on UMDs (Universal Media Discs). Sony plans a PlayStation emulator for the PSP, which might be able to play game ROMs off a Memory Stick.


  1. UMD
  2. MPEG-4 (aka MP4)

Aside from movie and music videos available commercially on UMD, the PSP can also play video files from the Memory Stick. These files must be in MPEG-4 format.


  1. UMD
  2. MP3
  3. ATRAC3plus
  4. MP4
  5. WAV
  6. WMA

Music can come on UMD (though usually it comes in the form of music videos). You can also load up your own music to play, as long as it's in one of the formats listed (you may not be able to play some of the file formats if you're using a Memory Stick Pro Duo, though; only the Memory Stick Duo is compatible with all file formats).

Photo & Image:

  1. UMD
  2. jpeg (aka jpg)
  3. tiff
  4. gif
  5. png
  6. bmp

Anything that comes on a UMD can be played on a PSP, images included. Images don't have to be photos, either; any image files saved in a compatible can be viewed on the PlayStation Portable.

Firmware Compatibility:

Different firmware versions are compatible with different file formats. The more recent the version you have, the more file formats you'll be able to view. Use the tutorial linked below to find out which version of the firmware you have, then check the firmware profiles to find out more about file compatibility

PSP movie Converter

Do you want to watch your DVD movie on the go with your PSP? With the best PSP movie Converter, it is just a piece of cake.

PSP Video Converter is the best PSP movie Converter that converts movie DVDs and other movie videos to PSP with fast encoding speed and high video quality.

In the file menu, click Best PSP movie converter - open DVD ,and the below popup will present:

Best PSP movie Converter - select DVD drive

Best PSP movie converter - select DVD drive

then select the movie DVD drive, click " OK". The DVD movie will be loaded to the program, select " PSP MPEG-4 movie", click " Convert" in the file menu,and the DVD movie is encoding with fast speed!

PSP music converter

Sony PSP supports UMD, MP3, ATRAC3plus, MP4, WAV, WMA. Music can come on UMD( though usually it comes in the form of music videos). You can also load up your own music to play, as long as it's in one of the formats listed.

If you have music not in the supportable formats, you can use PSP Video Converter to converts them to mp3, wav, wma so that the converted files can be played on PSP. PSP Video Converter is the best PSP music converter that converts audio files to PSP supportable audio file( mp3, wav, wma).

Best PSP music Converter - common use audio file

Best PSP video converter  

PSP YouTube Converter

Many people love to watch YouTube videos in their free time. Have you thought of watching YouTube videos on your PSP? With the best PSP Video Converter, it is easy.

Press "YouTube" icon, then a popup will present:

Best PSP YouTube converter -  download  YouTube videos

best PSP video converter - import video from Internet

Paste the URL from YouTube/Google/Nico, in the blank area above. You can paste more than one URL at a time.

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