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iRiver is a brand and division of ReignCom, manufacturer of digital audio players and other portable products and has made some lovely-looking MP3 players over the years. iRiver Spinn, which is hotly anticipated and designed by iRiver Korean company, has come out. iRiver Spinn offers a unique, innovative design, and the touch-sensitive display of iRiver Spinn is bright, responsive, and relatively large.iRiver Spinn is available initially in 4GB and 8GB capacities, with 16GB to follow shortly after. Howerver, it lacks of a SD expansion slot for adding more memory. iRiver Spinn has an FM tuner and a voice recorder and built-in bluetooth. iRiver Spinn supports viewing plain text documents in .txt extension and JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIFphotos. iRiver Spinn offers more audio codec than other iRiver mp3 players, it can play MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG, FLAC and APE audio formats. Support for lossless compressed audio makes iRiver Spinn sounds better. iRiver Spinn also support video playback, the supportable video formats are WMV9 SP in .WMV extension and MPEG-4 SP or Xvid SP in .AVI extension up to 30kbps.

For more details of specifications of iRiver Spinn, please visit iRiver's official website.

Now let's have a look at how to convert video files for iRiver Spinn. Despite the seemingly decent video support, conversion is necessary in most cases. You may hesitate about choosing a video converter and wonder how to convert different video formats. With Any Video Converter Professional, it's all that simple. Any Video Converter Professional is an All-in-One video converting tool with easy-to-use graphical interface, fast converting speed and excellent video quality. It's exactly what you need. Any Video Converter works as an iRiver video converter, it converts any videos to iRiver Spinn.

First step, download Any Video Converter Professional from Any Video Converter website and install it. Trial version can convert 3 minutes of each file and there is no other limitation.

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Launch Any Video Converter Professional. Click Add Video button to add the video files you want to convert for iRiver Spinn. Any Video Converter Pro also supports converting online videos like YouTube, Google Video, MetaCafe and Japanese Nico Video to other video formats directly. What you need to do is just to paste the URL of your favourite online video to the program. Meanwhile, Any Video Converter Professional also downloads the video to local hard disk for your further usage.

Second step, find and unfold iRiver group in output profile list and set iRiver Spinn/D28/ DICPLE D30 Movie (*.avi) as output profile. The best video size for iRiver Spinn is 480 x 272.

Third step, click Encode button to start converting. After encoding is finished, click Output Folder buttons in the left bottom and you can find the output files.

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You may also need to rip DVD for iRiver Spinn. With Any DVD Converter Pro, you can easily rip DVD to WMV or AVI formats compatible with your iRiver Spinn. Any DVD Converter Pro works perfectly as it's Any Video Converter Pro plus a DVD ripper. Download Any DVD Converter Pro to have a try!

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Before ripping DVD, unfold DVD Options in the right settings panel, set Audio Language to the one you would like the movie's sound to play in. You can also set subtitile language and angle. If you don't like the DVD to be separated as titles, click Edit >> Options >> DVD and check. For some copy-protected DVDs, you can try DVDSmith Movie Backup which is a free program that can help you copy entire DVD to hard disk, or Any DVD Cloner, which helps you to make perfect copies of your DVD collection.

After the video files or DVD are converted to iRiver Spinn compatible video files, you need to transfer them to the player. For that, you can download the free iRiver Plus 3 desktop software from the company's Web site, or install it from the bundled disc, but you'll need to provide contact details and a serial number. If you start iriver PLUS3 while iRiver Spinn is connected, the details of the iRiver Spinn will be displayed through the status window and iriver PLUS3 will be ready for data transfer automatically. Just select the files you want to send and click the transfer button.

iRiver Spinn also allows you to select either Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) or Mass Storage Class (MSC) transfer mode. In MSC mode, you can use Windows Explorer to drag and drop most content, not including DRM protected contents, into the appropriate folder on the player, which shows up as a drive when connected and set to data transfer mode. In MTP mode, you can use Windows Media Player 10 or 11, or iRiver Plus3 to manage and sync files, including DRM protected contents.

After the files are successfully transferred to iRiver Spinn, you can enjoy your video files as you like.

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